Chinese-Indonesian restaurant Chen Tong Kong in Santpoort-Noord has been the go-to address for great Chinese and Indonesian meals for decades. However, the restaurant was tough to find online; there was no website, no social media presence, and contact information was not posted anywhere. At first, this was improved by sumitting their information to Umenu.nl, along with the takeout menu. This did not have a very good representative look and was also difficult to maintain for the Chinese owners. The new website consists of 4 pages in total, containing the main landing page, a restaurant page, a takeout page and a contact page. The company did not have an official logo, apart from the name written in Chinese symbols, so this was also added in during creating the whole corporate identity.

Thanks to the new website and the social media (Facebook) account, the restaurant has seen a significant increase in visitors and customers. In the first week, the website was visited over 170 times, which comes down to a nearly 70% visitor increase per day. By promoting the content efficiently and thanks to the optimized design, the website has an average bouncerate of less than 30%, which means that more than 70% of all users are actively using the webpages. The website was located on page 2 of the relevant Google search terms during the first week of the launch. This will likely improve over time as the website receives more visitors and shares. The complete optimizing of SEO was not included in the scope of the project, due to the complexity and demands of the client.

The complete takeout menu is being displayed via Jquery Tabs. The website has been completely revamped in order to become responsive, which means that the website works perfectly on both PC and handheld devices. By taking high quality photos of the restaurant and meals a clear image of the restaurant and products is created.
A contact form has been set up, which sends all the information via PHP to the new business email of the restaurant owner. The owners were previously using a private hotmail adress. This has been replaced by a more professional "@chentongkong.nl" address.

Check out the full website of Chen Tong Kong at www.chineessantpoort.nl or www.chentongkong.nl.